This shit is BANANAS
Craziiii time.

Whats up gUys??
Im soooooo tired now.but i have to do my homework....n we have some tests on next Wednesday.it sucks.I didnt know that til now!(lol)well, Todayafter school, me, Rei, Kotone went to Nishigawara then hung out for a while.it was lots of FUNN! and ASA i got to home, take a baTh.Now, Im just writing this.Heres are my favorite quotes which are from amazing site!Thanks!

ask me how many times my heart has been broken
&& I'll tell you to look at the sky and count the stars.

he said "I love you." i sneezed ..*hachu*
& said, "Sorry, i`m allergic to bullshit."

i want a boy that i can be myself around.. that i can goof of in front of;; that i can ask stupid questions and not be laughed at, but with.. i want a boy who would drive out of his way to get me, and when we don`t even leave together, he wouldnt care because he at least go to see me. i want a boy that i couldnt get mad at;; that i couldn`t even pretend i was mad at because he would make me smile everytime. i want a boy that would be there for me no matter what. &&
i had a boy that i could be my total, ditzy self in front of and not be afraid of what he thought. i had a boy that would drive on freaking em p t y to be with me. i had a boy & i couldn`t get mad at him. not once. i couldn`t even pretend, because, he would look at me and i`d fall for him all over. i had a boy that was there for me.. anytime. now
i miss that boy with all there is left. there won`t be another boy like him. that won`t care whether or not i shoulda been a blonde. that would just want to hang out with me everyday. i miss that boy that was impossible to be mad at. whose smile would keep me wanting more. i am in love with this boy.

don`t hate me. don`t regret me. don`t even forget me.
wherever youu go. whatever youu do. don`t say I never
LOVED Y0UU.______________________________

If tears made you beautiful
I'd be fucking gorgeous


Hey guys! I dont know if lOts of guys see my site and can understand my Englsih.but I love writing this.so I'll keep it up like forever(lol)well, I found the quotes from http://www.xanga.com/chanel_quotes.Thats amazing site!Thanks sooo much<333333

I dont forgive people because Im weak
I forgive them because I`m strong enough
to understand people make mistakes .

never say hello,
if you really mean goodbye,
*never dry your tears,
if you still wanna cry,
*never say you promise,
if your not going to try*


A true friend is someone *
who understands your past
believes in your future x3
and accepts you today__x
JUST the way y o u are*xOx

My quote

Heeey!!! I made the quote!!!!

I wanna be your drug.
I wanna be your pill.
I love to be your queen.
That's my dream.....yeah, just dream.

Tell me the reason why you stopped loving me.
When you said me good-bye, were u hAppy or sad?
You told me you cant love me anymore.
When i lose you, I couldnt see nothing.
When i lose you, I couldnt do nothing.
When i lose you, theres nothing to love.
just lived not for you.
That's true........
aNd, I still love yOu hoping you love me.....
Sin City!

Hey ya!Today was soooo hot.alrgiht, soI told you guys yeterday, I went to see the movie "Sin City"!!!!umm....its not bad though, kinda gross, but sooo sexy n cool!! i love sexy movies(lol)and All the casts were Awesome in it.Especially, Jessica alba was Sexy sOoOo much.but I dont think want to see this movie aGaIn(lol)...After i came back home, cleaned my room.now, Im so boring.Ga! I have to go to school tomorrow.its gonna suck.n I dont wanna see him.Good luck to MEEE(lol)
Much Love!

Wooow! today Ive been busy 4 all day.well, i got up at 10:00am then watched tv.and while my mom and sister went out, i did my homework.n I went to the juku at 5:00pm.after that, I went to the Tutaya to borrow the DVD then got the magazine "VIVI" and now Im writing this!(lol)

Tomorrow im gonna to see the movie "Sin City" with my dad.(n maybe mom, too)ive wanted to see it soooo much! I cant wait!!!!
well, C ya !!!!