This shit is BANANAS
The Thirteen
Heey YA! whats up?Todaywas sooo FUN.because I hung out with REI and MADOKA.they are so COOL!I borrowed the DVD "The Thirteen" and "Shin-mimi-bukuro".n then they came to my home n we watched them.The Thireen was good!Ive wanted to watch it SOOO MUCH!so Im glad to see it finally.Shin-mimi-bukuro was boring.its a horror movie though NOT scary at all really sucked.after that, we talked about lots of shit.I had a good time cause they are really funny guys!(lol) and after MADOKA left,Rei and I went to the park, and hung out.and Now Im just writing it.Tomorrow, I have to go to the JUKU.well, Im gonna go.Have a good night guys! Love ya.
Im sleepy....
Hi!Today I got up early morning cause my juku will start at before i leave, I have a lot of things to do.I wanna really really move to the U.S!!!! When can I go there???I dont know....If I can go there, My life will be soooo amazing.
Heeey ya!! Hello Hello Hello(lol)How are you TODAY??Im fine now.Today, I got up at 11:00 AM and then I had breakfast (is it Lunch??).and....Tomorrow, I have to go to the JUKU.Its gonna be boring.BUT!!! My teachers are very funny guys, so I guess I'll be able to enjoy it.oh,SHIT! Ive not finished my homework yet.Fuck it.....well, I will talk to ya later!

Love ya!
Heeey Ya!whats up guys?I havent updated for a few days.well,YESTERDAY I went to see the movie with my mom.and I saw "Star Wars Episode 3".it was sooooo gooooood!!!(lol) and After that, we went SHOPPING!!! I love shopping sooo make me I got these cute clothes!!!




aND Today, I have nothing to do.oh, I forgot to do my homework.okay, well, Im gonna back! C ya.

I got up at 10:00AM.its too late!?umm....Today, Im gonna go to the juku to study as usual(lol).I wanna hang out with awesome guys.but we have no time to do.I want Ipod mini whose color is PINK of course (lol).its expenaive in JAPAN.i have no money to buy it now.I hope you guys get it for me!!Just kidding.I wanna go to the sea, I want a boyfriend, I wanna go shopping!!!!!!! Hollaback!

I wanna kiss you
Hey Guys.whats up?Ive been busyied for this week.Yesterday, I went to the small festival with my friends.and of course we put on was really cute(lol).oh, He who was my boyfriend came friend Rei told me that he already has new Girl Friend.I just pretended I dont care about him.but....Actually, it made me so sad.I dont know whether I still love him or not.Seeing him reminds me lots of things.4 example,I cryed for him, I loved and hated him, and he always felt me alright, and....we kissed and sometimes he pissed me off.All the things were I will look for a hotter boy than he.(lol)