This shit is BANANAS
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Hi! This week went by slowly....Ive been studied for all day and e-mailed to my girls.it was fun! Tomorrow Im gonna to juku.OMG! ive not finished doing my homework.

I dont know if I still love him.butI cant ignore him.im just pretending.Its true.Wanna be the lady who is super, cool, sexy, loved by everyone, pretty,sweet.....

sorry, I have nothing to write. Good bye!

XOXO Ayumi
Hi there!!!

Heeeeey guys!!! I havent updated for a LONG LOGN time.sorry...okay well, The school hasnt been good.but I hope everythings gonna be okay... I got the book "Gossip Girls".soooooo great!It didnt take me long to finished reading it.You guys had better read GOSSIP GIRLS 2.