This shit is BANANAS
Craziiii time.

Whats up gUys??
Im soooooo tired now.but i have to do my homework....n we have some tests on next Wednesday.it sucks.I didnt know that til now!(lol)well, Todayafter school, me, Rei, Kotone went to Nishigawara then hung out for a while.it was lots of FUNN! and ASA i got to home, take a baTh.Now, Im just writing this.Heres are my favorite quotes which are from amazing site!Thanks!

ask me how many times my heart has been broken
&& I'll tell you to look at the sky and count the stars.

he said "I love you." i sneezed ..*hachu*
& said, "Sorry, i`m allergic to bullshit."

i want a boy that i can be myself around.. that i can goof of in front of;; that i can ask stupid questions and not be laughed at, but with.. i want a boy who would drive out of his way to get me, and when we don`t even leave together, he wouldnt care because he at least go to see me. i want a boy that i couldnt get mad at;; that i couldn`t even pretend i was mad at because he would make me smile everytime. i want a boy that would be there for me no matter what. &&
i had a boy that i could be my total, ditzy self in front of and not be afraid of what he thought. i had a boy that would drive on freaking em p t y to be with me. i had a boy & i couldn`t get mad at him. not once. i couldn`t even pretend, because, he would look at me and i`d fall for him all over. i had a boy that was there for me.. anytime. now
i miss that boy with all there is left. there won`t be another boy like him. that won`t care whether or not i shoulda been a blonde. that would just want to hang out with me everyday. i miss that boy that was impossible to be mad at. whose smile would keep me wanting more. i am in love with this boy.

don`t hate me. don`t regret me. don`t even forget me.
wherever youu go. whatever youu do. don`t say I never
LOVED Y0UU.______________________________

If tears made you beautiful
I'd be fucking gorgeous

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