This shit is BANANAS
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Hi! This week went by slowly....Ive been studied for all day and e-mailed to my was fun! Tomorrow Im gonna to juku.OMG! ive not finished doing my homework.

I dont know if I still love him.butI cant ignore just pretending.Its true.Wanna be the lady who is super, cool, sexy, loved by everyone, pretty,sweet.....

sorry, I have nothing to write. Good bye!

XOXO Ayumi
Hi there!!!

Heeeeey guys!!! I havent updated for a LONG LOGN time.sorry...okay well, The school hasnt been good.but I hope everythings gonna be okay... I got the book "Gossip Girls".soooooo great!It didnt take me long to finished reading it.You guys had better read GOSSIP GIRLS 2.

The Thirteen
Heey YA! whats up?Todaywas sooo FUN.because I hung out with REI and MADOKA.they are so COOL!I borrowed the DVD "The Thirteen" and "Shin-mimi-bukuro".n then they came to my home n we watched them.The Thireen was good!Ive wanted to watch it SOOO MUCH!so Im glad to see it finally.Shin-mimi-bukuro was boring.its a horror movie though NOT scary at all really sucked.after that, we talked about lots of shit.I had a good time cause they are really funny guys!(lol) and after MADOKA left,Rei and I went to the park, and hung out.and Now Im just writing it.Tomorrow, I have to go to the JUKU.well, Im gonna go.Have a good night guys! Love ya.
Im sleepy....
Hi!Today I got up early morning cause my juku will start at before i leave, I have a lot of things to do.I wanna really really move to the U.S!!!! When can I go there???I dont know....If I can go there, My life will be soooo amazing.
Heeey ya!! Hello Hello Hello(lol)How are you TODAY??Im fine now.Today, I got up at 11:00 AM and then I had breakfast (is it Lunch??).and....Tomorrow, I have to go to the JUKU.Its gonna be boring.BUT!!! My teachers are very funny guys, so I guess I'll be able to enjoy it.oh,SHIT! Ive not finished my homework yet.Fuck it.....well, I will talk to ya later!

Love ya!